Create an artwork from your memory

persoonlijk schilderij van foto van een hond huisdier

Turn your picture into a personal artwork. A piece of art which continues to amaze, intrigue and surprise. Your memory is unique. It deserves a unique artwork.

Available in two diameters:

  • 40 cm.  299.-
  • 58 cm.  349,-

Free shipping, within 14 days at home (NL/DE/BE).

Watch a free preview of your photo in String Art.

Your memory is unique

pictures of loved one converted to String Art painting technique           299,-
personal pet painting art converted photo

See your unique artwork

We treasure your memories in a unique artwork made from thread. Upload your picture and we will preview you with a realistic thread pattern example free of charge.

Looking for the real life experience? Place an order and we will ask our robot to apply kilometers of thread to create your personal String Artwork.
Joost Brilman

View your unique artwork

voortgang: bijna voltooid To who can we send the preview?

Reviews and experiences



"Nice work and good service.
We ordered three string artworks. A large one for myself and my wife and two small for the children. Updating photos was no problem for Joost. He made a nice crop on all three and also adjusted some in the background to make it all look nice. When they got in, one of the string artworks seemed to be a little skewed. This was because in the photo used the head was a bit crooked. Joost came by personally to change this to our liking."


"Great result, the family is very happy with it."

Eline Goethals:

"Very satisfied, not only with the communication, also the delivery and the end result are TOP! Beautiful artwork made by Studio Stringart!"

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Make a circular cut by adjusting the picture size and position.

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